New Product Alert Exceed Liquid Fertiliser

New product alert – Exceed Liquid Fertiliser

This week’s turf tip we look at Lawn Solution Australia’s new product Exceed Liquid Fertiliser and how it will help you keep your grass looking fantastic, even in the Winter season.

With cooler weather setting in, lots of lawns are starting to lose their luster. This week we want to offer a great solution to this, foliar liquid fertilisers. We will break down what makes liquid fertilisers different from granular ones, why they are great at this time of year and how you should use them.

Why do lawns lose colour in cool weather?

Lawn Colour

For optimal growth, warm season grasses like we use in South East Queensland require warmth and lots of sunlight. Winter thus brings two problems for lawns. Firstly, the shorter winter days reduce the amount of available daily sunlight. Secondly, the cooler overnight temperatures then lower the soil temperatures.

During Winter, grasses cannot get enough sunlight during the day for effective photosynthesis, and the cool soil temperatures are a physical cue for the grass to conserve energy.

Fertilising for winter


To keep a lawn a deep green with strong root development requires regular amounts of fertiliser. While high Nitrogen (N) fertilisers will give a blast of green, it won’t truly meet the nutrient requirements for your lawn.

We recommend you always should fertilise with a balanced slow release lawn fertiliser. By feeding your lawn with genuine slow release fertilisers prior to Winter, it will then help your lawn prepare for and survive the cooler months. However once Winter really sets in, those lower soil temperatures mean that the plant won’t be taking full advantage of any available food from the fertiliser.

A Winter lawn care solution


A great product to use to improve the health of your lawn is a foliar liquid lawn fertiliser. Rather than breaking down and being taken up by the plant through its roots, liquid fertilisers are absorbed directly through the leaf of the plant. This process is known as foliar feeding. This is an excellent way to correct nutrient deficiencies in your lawn quickly or provide a boost for the overall health of your lawn.

Foliar fertilisation can allow nutrients such as Nitrogen (N) included to be taken up quickly and immediately put to work by the plant. This quick uptake results in a much quicker response from your lawn. Liquid fertilisers are usually derived from urea which is readily absorbed which allows for these amazing short-term results.

Which liquid fertiliser does Jimboomba Turf recommend?


Jimboomba Turf now stocks a brand new product, Exceed Liquid Fertiliser. It is a premium, professional-grade foliar fertiliser from Lawn Solutions Australia and we cannot recommend it enough. Exceed Liquid Fertiliser presents excellent value with its 2.5L concentrate bottle covering up to 1,250m².

With an NPK (Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K)) of 18-2-10 as well as Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn), Exceed is a carefully balanced liquid fertiliser that can bring health and colour to your lawn all year round. The addition of micronutrients such as Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn), bring an extra level of performance. Iron (Fe) is used by the plant to help improve disease resistance, colour and plant strength. Meanwhile, Manganese (Mn) plays a critical part in photosynthesis and improves Nitrogen (N) uptake from the plant, thus improving the overall vigour of your lawn.

The breakdown of Exceed is as follows:

  • Nitrogen (N) 18%Exceed Liquid Fertiliser
  • Phosphorus (P) 2%
  • Potassium (K) 9.9%
  • Zinc (Z) .07%
  • Iron (Fe) 1%
  • Manganese (Mn) .05%

Exceed Liquid Fertiliser can be used on all of our grass types including 格兰奇爵士草皮, TIFTUF草皮, Sir Walter DNA Certified and 诺拉波茅草草皮. It can also be used on other turf varieties such as Kikuyu and other cool season grasses.

Directions for use

  • Apply during day time in cool hours.
  • Apply at a higher rate if a darker lawn colour is required.
  • Whilst active growth is present or symptoms of a lack of nutrients in your lawn, apply monthly to maintain growth and colour.
  • Water in lightly after an application.

Exceed Liquid Fertiliser Strengths:

  • Use on all turf varieties.Exceed Liquid Fertiliser
  • Suitable for use on new and established lawns (year round use).
  • An instant boost to lawn health.
  • Good Nitrogen (N) contents, allowing for uptake to leaf and quick green up.
  • Dispersible Phosphorus (P) increasing the strength of the plant growth and lateral growth.
  • Potassium (K) making hardier turf and hardening the leaf cell walls.
  • Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn) amplifying darker green lawn colour.

Should I use liquid fertiliser vs. granular fertiliser?


The real answer is not one or the other, you should use both. Liquid fertilisers offer a quick boost to your lawn and can be great for times of high stress such as Winter. But for the long term health of your lawn, nothing beats a balanced slow-release fertiliser.

The perfect maintenance schedule would be applying a granular slow release fertiliser 3-4 times a year, with applications of a foliar liquid fertiliser such as Exceed occasionally between such applications of a granular fertiliser. You could also apply soil improvers such as wetting agents as required. It is also a good idea to test the ph of your soil, as ph is especially important in the growing season. This routine would give your lawn the regular year round assistance it needs to look its best.

If you require any further Exceed Liquid Fertiliser tips call our team on (07) 3114 8281. You can also pop in and order in person at our sales office at 1/243 Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge. The office opens Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm and Saturday 7am to 12pm. Our Acacia Ridge office also has a display area where you can kick off your shoes and try out our grasses before you buy.

For more great turf tips keep an eye on our website and all our social media channels.


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