Gypsum and Lime

Providing your lawn with things that can help it grow and stay healthy is important. And gypsum and lime are two of those things. Gypsum Calcium sulphate, or gypsum, is helpful in breaking down clay soil. This allows the soil to open up and makes it easier for nutrients, air and water to circulate more […]

Lawn Rescue Saves the Day

When the lawn becomes damaged from the root zone drying out many people think that is it for the lawn. They watch their lawn go down hill and there is nothing that can do to save it. But they would be wrong. Sir Launcher to the Rescue Providing your lawn with the nutrients it needs […]

Winterizing Your Lawn

Your Lawn Even if your lawn looks great after the summer months you still need to take care of it so it is protected over the winter. If the summer has been rainy it could have leached the nutrients right out of the soil. This means you have to put some back in so the […]

Lawn Solutions Australia

For the past decade a group of Australia’s leading turf growers have been searching the world over to bring together a complete one stop shop for all things turf., from lawns, to lawn care products to lawn care services. In 2012, these pioneers of the industry came together and created Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA). Eighteen months […]