Taking Care of the Lawn in Summer

Summertime means more time outdoors. Playing with the kids, cooking on the BBQ and games of cricket all add up to lots of time spent on the lawn. The heat is also at its peak and that can stress your lawn as well. But you can provide care for your lawn in summer that will […]

How to Control Invasive Grasses

Invasive Grasses Invasive grasses can be bothersome. No matter how good Sir Walter’s is at keeping out unwanted grasses and weeds there are times those annoying problems will crop up. The first thing you need to do is make sure it is a weed which is the problem as how they are dealt with is […]

How to Control Weeds on Your Lawn

With Buffalo lawns, spraying for weeds can be complicated. Using Sir Walter Weed Control products can simplify this process. Sir Walter Weed Control is specially formulated to control stubborn weeds such as bindii oxalis, clover, and any other invasive weeds. The active ingredient Sir Walter Weed Control uses is Bromoxyril, which is very effective, yet […]