Get A Head Start On Winter Weeds

Get a head start on winter weeds

As the weather cools down the growth rate of your lawn slows down, but at the same time unwanted weed growth starts to speedup. Now is the time to get a head start on winter weeds before they start poking their heads through. Act fast with winter weeds It is very important to take care […]

Winter Lawn Colour

Winter Lawn Colour

Helping your lawns Winter colour can be a difficult task. Some lawn varieties naturally lose colour in the cooler months. This week’s turf tip is a great lawn tip to keep your lawn green year-round. This is especially helpful if you have a special event or you are selling your home during this Winter season. […]

Sevicing Your Mower In Winter

Servicing your mower during Winter

Your lawn mower needs regular servicing to keep it in great shape. Without servicing, your mower can tear at your lawn and even break down. Usually at the worst time. If you park the mower during these cooler months. Your lawn mower may not be able to restart during the summer months. Mower Maintenance Lawn […]

Winter Lawn Compaction & Aeration

Winter Lawn Compaction & Aeration

With Winter here, now is the perfect time for your annual Winter lawn aeration. There are many different lawn types, and each can use this handy method. Aeration is the process of breaking through the layer of thatch that has built up in your lawn. Aeration removes a plug of soil that allows nutrients to […]

Fighting winter weeds

Fighting winter weeds is front of mind for many lawn lovers right now as winter weeds rise up. Your lawns winter dormancy gives winter weeds all the opportunity they need to thrive, here are 3 of the most common winter weeds and how to fight them. Wintergrass Winter grass grows in tufts with fine, bright […]

What is winter dormancy?

What is winter dormancy?

With the change of season certain types of turf varieties slow down, while others completely stop growing. This week’s turf tip is on winter dormancy and a few great turf maintenance tips on to help your lawn thrive through the colder season and continue to grow throughout. Winter Lawn Dormancy Dormancy is when a living […]

What to expect in winter

With the shorter winter days it is a great excuse to pull out that favourite jacket you never get to wear, but your lawn isn’t as appreciative of the change of climate. This week’s turf tip we look at what changes to your lawn heading into winter. More weeds Winter is the perfect time for […]

Dealing with shorter winter days

Dealing with shorter winter days

Thanks to a slight tilt on the earth’s axis not all days are created equal. Now with shorter winter days ahead, its a great excuse to pull out that jacket you never get to wear, your lawn isn’t as appreciative of the change. How long are winter days The tilt of the earth’s axis means […]

Patch up for winter

With the growing season winding down, now is your last chance to patch up any holes in your lawn for heading into winter. Use this opportunity to get your lawn all even before the winter dormancy period. You don’t always need to dig! Some patches, especially dry patches from our recent unseasonal hot weather don’t […]

Is laying turf in winter possible?

One of the most common questions we hear this time of year is asking if laying turf in is winter even possible. The answer is yes! It is definitely possible to do turf all year round. This week’s turf tip explains the definitive answer to that question. South East Queensland weather South East Queensland and […]